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During the first session it is necessary to take some client medical history to establish whether there are any contra-indications. This means checking that there is no medical risk to having complementary therapy e.g. high infection, unstable pregnancy, thrombosis, haemorrhage.

I normally recommend Reflexology or Reiki as a starting point as it helps to build up the client's energy. A healing programme can be discussed.

A spoken relaxation will help you to relax into the therapy. At the end of the session there is a chance to feedback and for some self-help advice including Bach Flower Remedies and the carrying of crystals (where appropriate).

Tailor-made healing programmes are available using:
... Reflexology (including Advanced Reflexology and Reflexology for Hospice & Cancer Care);
... Emotional Freedom Teqhnique (EFT, also known as tapping);
... Reiki (Master/Teacher);
... Crystal Healing;
... Hopi Ear Candles (Thermo-Auricular Therapy);
... Indian Head Massage;

I also run group meditations and Astrology Workshops. group leader and the following options are also available:
Work in the community: I have done meditation workshops for Stockport Homes' Wellbeing Event, Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service Wellbeing Event and pamper sessions (Reflexology and Reiki) at my local schools' pamper evenings and at my local Parkinson's group. I also did a meditation session for the Islamic Unity Society.

Reiki   -   Prices
Reiki Japanese hands-on energy healing (fully clothed).

Emotional Freedom Technique   -   Prices 
Also known as EFT or Tapping.

We carry around a lot of behaviour patterns created during our early childhood. As far back as, if we cried as a baby we got fed (or not), maybe it made mum cross (or not). We soon learned which behaviour patterns worked and which didn’t. Maybe when we cried, for example if we fell, we got chocolate or something to cheer us up. This may lead to a belief that food is a comfort which may be attributable to ‘comfort eating’. Simple phrases such as “big boys don’t cry” may give boys the belief that emotions are to be kept inside and not displayed. These early beliefs can sabotage our daily lives as adults.

In EFT we tap on meridian points on the meridian lines (energy channels in the body). This helps to clear ‘stuck’ energy and using memories triggered we can work to understand these patterns of behaviour and, where appropriate, reform them into new beliefs which are more appropriate for us now.

We can also visit memories which we hang on to and take away some of the trauma of the event. As a child I had an operation. In those days family were not allowed to stay and visiting was strict. In my childhood view I had been abandoned. I worked on the memory and recreated it into a nicer memory.

Recently, I was stressing over a visit to the dentist as I had chipped off part of my front tooth. I have a fear of dentists! I decided to do some simple tapping techniques around it and result: a pain-free, stress-free dental treatment :-) Now, when I go to the dentist I have a better memory on which to base my anticipation on instead of only remembering the bad times. Sometimes I teach clients how to tap to help them outside of the therapy room e.g. for panic attacks. It empowers the client to help themselves which I believe is a part of their ‘healing journey’.

If you would like to book an EFT session I recommend 1.5 hours for the first session £35.

Reflexology   -   Prices 
A gentle soothing massage of pressure points on the feet. The feet can identify healing issues as they can act as a mirror to the body's ailments.

Advanced Reflexology can help with grief & loss, pain-relief, shock & alignment. Reflexology using crystals can sometimes aid with such things as grief & loss, pain relief, flow.

Please note that crystals will only be used as part of a healing programme.

The reflexology for Hospice & Cancer Care are always conducted in accordance with the guidelines from the 'Adapting Reflexology for Hospice & Cancer Care' course that I attended at The Christie.

Hopi Ear Candles   -   Prices
Hopi Ear Candles (Thermo-Auricular Therapy)

A Bio-Sun Hopi Ear Candle (tube) is lit and uses a 'chimney-effect' to facilitate gentle extraction of ear wax. It can also be helpful for congestion, sinus problems and tinnitus and can improve the senses of smell and hearing.

Indian Head Message   -   Prices
Indian Head Massage massage of the head, neck, arms and shoulders. It is good for those people who carry tensions to their shoulders.

Kindly note - Although I do Indian Head Massage, I do not do full body massage

Crystal Healing   -   Prices
Crystal Healing laying of crystals on the body.

Crystals will only be used as part of a healing programme. However, crystals can be provided and programmed to carry to enhance healing.

Gift Vouchers   -   Prices
Details of which can be found on the relevant pages. Gift vouchers are Ideal for Christmas, Birthdays, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Anniversary or just to let someone know that you care... Payable through Paypal or cheque, contact me for details.

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