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Welcome to the Improvements4Living website....


My name is Janet Robinson MIPTI, AFHT and I have been a fully qualified and insured Holistic Therapist since 2005. A full list of my professional qualifications and courses that I have attended can be found on the qualifications page.

About Me - I suffered from stress amongst many other ailments. My life was not a happy one but one of duty and ‘chasing my tail’, juggling a demanding job with family commitments. 

I came across the Hope Centre and became involved… firstly attending meditation classes, then taking Holistic courses and finally in 2005 I left my job and became a Holistic Therapist. I also help to run the Hope Centre (Light of Hope CIC), as part of a team of volunteers and lead guided meditations. I also run Astrology Workshops. 

I am a lot happier, in a job that I love and meeting lots of connections to help me to develop. I live day to day and it is exciting to see where my path is leading. I remain open to those opportunities… 

The aim of this website is to help you to improve your life using the tools that are available to you. Many people suffer from stress, being the disease of the 21st Century. I think of it as salmons swimming upstream.

Many people juggle work, home and other commitments ‘successfully’ but at the detriment of their health. How many people say “I’d love to chill/relax but I just don’t have the time”?! This feels as if it’s true but if we make time, we function more productively.

I am grateful to my helpers in this world and beyond...  

Book in now to see how I can help you on your 'journey to you'.

Love and Light,


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